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Thirty Days of Thought with Jay Doran the Culture Man.

In this episode of The New How podcast, building businesses and real estate in a new age of technology, we sit down with Jay Doran from Culture Matters.  Jay is a best selling author of the book “Thirty Days of Thought”.  Jay is gifted with understanding the core values in what makes organizations successful through proper implementation of culture.  Jay describes his theories on why culture is so important and brings us back through decades in history and how these concepts have transformed into a more meaningful concept in modern-day business.  This episode is packed with endless 1 liners and theoretical language that you might just comprehend. If you are looking for a mental exercise, get ready to question your perception everything around us.  This is by far one of my favorite podcast conversations to date.  
You can reach out to Jay Doran on his website at or on Instagram @jaydoran_thecultureman

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