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#21 – Tony Charlton and Joel Edwards

“It’s not about if you have it, it’s about if you want it.”  Guests Tony Charlton and Joel Edwards are developers, investors, and entrepreneurs with several businesses and thousands of employees collectively. In this episode, Brian Corcodilos speaks with them about their highs and lows, challenges and triumphs of starting and growing businesses, especially during the peak and the aftermath of COVID

00:00 – Introductions
01:42 – Becoming an entrepreneur
03:40 – How Tony and Joel met
06:04 – Today’s interest rates in real estate
08:02 – Tony and Joel’s competitive advantage
09:00 – Adopting new technologies
12:39 – The effects of COVID
16:08 – Pushing through ceilings to grow
20:20 – Handling staff moral and workplace culture
24:36 – Making your first $100K
30:58 – Highs and Lows in business
33:30 – Routines for being successful
37:20 – Qualities of a successful entrepreneur 
41:40 – Coaching and building up the people around you
43:36 – Advice for new entrepreneurs
45:50 – Wrap-up

Being The King of Your Market with Logan Kramer

In this episode of the New How Podcast, I sit down with Logan Kramer from DesignPro Development. Logan is a master of his market which is specific to the Brewerytown area in Philadelphia. Logan started real estate while he was at Temple University at just 19 years old. Having just turned 25 years old this year he has achieved a level of success we can all learn from. Logan talks about how he went from showing properties, to wholesaling, to flipping properties, to creating a portfolio of 80% holds to 20% flips. Currently, Logan owns over 100 properties. He discusses tax strategies in real estate and how to manage your market. Logan delivers a “shit-ton” of value in this episode for any person investing in real estate.

Construction Background, Broker and Developer Foreground with Ernie Facchine III

Today on the New How Podcast we sit down accomplished Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker, Ernie L Facchine III.  Ernie graduated from Williamson College of The Trades Graduate. He is an avid Real Estate Investor and developer, specializing in Residential/Commercial.  From his time at Williamson College, he gained the skills necessary to become a Construction Manager. Ernie has a unique blend of Real Estate Sales/Management Skills Mixed With Development/Construction Technical Knowhow that makes him amongst the elite in his field.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

When it comes to real estate zoning in Philadelphia, you need to speak with Rachael and Adam Pritzker of PLG. Their combined force for helping developers in this city get projects approved is literally helping shape the city skyline. From Rachael’s time as Chief of Staff for Alan Domb, and Adams prior startup and law firm experience, they bring an unprecedented level of sophistication and unique twist to the Philadelphia Zoning Code.

Pritzker Law Group (“PLG”), co-founded by twin attorneys, Adam and Rachael Pritzker, was born out of the fundamental imperative of taking a far more collaborative approach to real estate development, transactions, community outreach and engagement, and government relations in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties in New Jersey.  Our team at PLG is armed with unique experiences and perspectives, having worked for City Council, the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment (“ZBA”), state and local courts, prominent Zoning & Land Use practices, and additional Philadelphia-based businesses. PLG helps some of the most prominent and innovative developers, as well as individuals, tackle some of the issues inherent with land use. PLG’s goal is to make sure all parties involved, from the client to the community, feel comfort and a sense of pride in all projects we have the pleasure of working on.

In this episode of The New How podcast, building businesses and real estate in a new age of technology, we sit down with Jay Doran from Culture Matters.  Jay is a best selling author of the book “Thirty Days of Thought”.  Jay is gifted with understanding the core values in what makes organizations successful through proper implementation of culture.  Jay describes his theories on why culture is so important and brings us back through decades in history and how these concepts have transformed into a more meaningful concept in modern-day business.  This episode is packed with endless 1 liners and theoretical language that you might just comprehend. If you are looking for a mental exercise, get ready to question your perception everything around us.  This is by far one of my favorite podcast conversations to date.  
You can reach out to Jay Doran on his website at or on Instagram @jaydoran_thecultureman

In this episode of The New How Podcast, I sit down with Francis Mangubat from Advance Philly. Francis is a one of kind rockstar real estate agent. He was just named a Philadelphia Power Player by Philadelphia Style Magazine.  We discuss his brokerage Advance Philly and how working in partnership with Lawrence Resnick has lead them to be a #2 ranked brokerage in the city when it comes to volume.  With an office of 8 agents and 2 admins, Advance Philly is taking the real estate market by storm here in Philly. Francis discusses ways how he stays ahead in a competitive marketplace.  He is usually at the gym between 5:30-6am hour! Francis is an inspiration at 25 years old, for those looking to start their real estate career. If you are in real estate, this is a must listen to episode.  “Low Tech, High Check”

You can reach out to their team by visiting

On this episode of the New How Podcast, we sit down with Greg Schwartz from Commonwealth Residential Title. Commonwealth has been the region’s premier residential and commercial title company since 1971.  A family-owned business Greg came in to bring a level of business development expertise which he learned from the telecom industry. Working with fortune 5 companies, Greg transitioned from telecom into title insurance. He mentions that being genuine is the best thing you can do in business!  He talks about having the “Hunter Mentality” to grow any organization and to keep looking for opportunity around you. “Anyone with a pulse is a potential prospect.” Greg discusses teaming up with Mark Franzoni, President of Commonwealth to build a powerhouse team to help change the title industry for the better.  Utilizing the latest marketing tech through social media, Greg continues to add value to all of his clients through networking and continued outstanding service!

You can visit their website at or email Greg at

In this episode of The New How Podcast, we sit down with Tim Garrity, Ryan Garrity, and Andrew Janos of Copper Hill Real Estate.  We talk about how this tandem threesome started a brokerage here in the City of Philadelphia. We discuss the reasons why their brokerage is different from the traditional brokerages.  We discuss the growing pains of the new Bright MLS system release. They discuss how they grew their business to just shy of 30 agents in a short amount of time. We talk about their new office down at the Sterling Building and how they fit it out for success.  Did you know the infrastructure in Philadelphia was built for 2 million people and we currently have 1.6m in the city? The guys down at Copper Hill know how the pulse of how Philadelphia Real Estate operates and they are looking to grow relationships with new agents, home buyers, and developers!  “We are looking for people to grow the company with us, not for us.”

You can reach out to these guys over at

In this episode with sit down with David Landskroner from Hightop Development. David is a rockstar developer in Philadelphia. He focuses on for sale and rental properties around the city. Some locations include Northern Liberties, Rittenhouse, and Washington Ave. Hightop Development has a construction arm in-house which makes them very nimble when being able to develop their own projects. He keeps an even balance of for sale and for rent throughout the year. Typically he handles 5-7 projects at a time which includes 10-30 houses and 50-70 rental units a year. He takes us through what it is like developing in Rittenhouse Square, and how he got started flipping homes. David is a brilliant developer and he shares a ton of value for new and seasoned real estate investors. Sit back, relax, here we go!

In this episode of the new how podcast we sit down with Ryan Quinn of Space and Company to talk about how Ryan has been successfully selling new construction homes in Philadelphia for the last decade.  Ryan sells about 50 homes a year as a solo realtor, almost 1 a week! Ryan talks about some ninja techniques for how he finds new clients, markets homes, and helps developers around the city pre-sell and lease new construction homes.  We talk about changes to the MLS and he gives input on how to properly utilize other technology, in addition, to properly market real estate. Ryan has been in the industry for a long time and has a plethora of knowledge to provide agents looking to expand their network and strategies for new construction sales.  Some much value for anyone in the real estate industry! It’s great to hear from a knowledgeable realtor who can give a great perspective on the market. “Expect to not have your first sale transaction for a year.”

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