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In this episode of the New How Podcast, we sit down with Albert Stroble of Coldwell Banker Preferred, based out of Blue Bell.  Albert is a well intuned real estate agent that also does real estate development.  We talk about his journey into real estate, as well as some of the development projects he is working on.  This episode is a must listen for any real estate professionals looking to dive into development as an additional revenue stream.  Albert also has extensive knowledge of the different neighborhoods throughout the city, and there are tons of golden nuggets of information to listen to regarding Philadelphia Real Estate.  Thanks for listening, and we hope you got a ton of value out of this episode!  Connect with Albert on LinkedIn Here.

In this episode of the New How Podcast we sit down with Alexa Ahrem and talk everything related to Philadelphia Zoning and Permits.  We discuss the approval process that is required to get real estate projects approved in the City of Philadelphia.  We talk about issues that the city is facing when it comes to getting drawings approved. We discuss the RCO’s or Residential Community Organizations future within the city, and then we discuss ZBA. We talk about building systems in order to streamline your company, and how it has helped Alexa scale her business here in Philadelphia to help real estate developers throughout the city.  This episode is packed with nuggets of gold for anyone developing real estate in Philadelphia.  Sit back, relax, here we go!

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In this episode, we sit down with Sean Mooney of Mooney insurance brokers.  Sean talks about the insurance industry, and how he set up his own insurance shop.  We talk about unique social media techniques to attract new clients, keep clients happy, and stay competitive against the larger firms through strategic targeting in a new age of technology.  We also talk about how to protect real estate developers through proper insurance from slips and falls to arson.  This is a must listen to podcast episode. Did you know you can ping locations on Waze app while people drive to attract attention?  There is so much to learn here.  We never thought insurance could be so much fun!

Sean Mooney

Are you an employer looking to bring on an intern for the summer? Are you in school and looking for an internship? In this episode of The New How Podcast, we sit down with our summer interns Derek, Brian, and Ryan to talk about their experience during summer 2017 as an intern at Designblendz. We discuss what interns should look for in an internship as well as what an employer should consider while having interns on board during the summer.

In this episode, you will learn about the give and take of the internship experience between the intern and the employer. We hope you find value in this episode to improve your hiring and job applying skills!

In this episode of the New How Podcast, we sit down with Joseph Scorese of First Trust Bank and discuss being bankable in an industry where money matters.   There are many options when it comes to acquiring a mortgage so we start off by talking about mortgages and how to obtain a mortgage as a first time home buyer by being bankable.  We briefly discuss 203k loans as well as traditional means to get a mortgage.  What does your financial picture need to look like?  We talk about it.  After discussing mortgages in length, we gear the conversation towards the current state of Real Estate in the Philadelphia market place.  From building up the waterfront to understanding outlying areas, we get into it all.  This is a super packed episode with a ton of real estate knowledge.

You can find Joe Here:

In this episode, Kyle Johns sits down and discusses his journey out of college into real estate.  From being unhappy at his position, and taking action to get out, Kyle discusses the struggles it took to get into real estate full time after college.  From listening to a Joe McCall podcast about lease option wholesaling, Kyle took this new found knowledge and applied it to a career in real estate.  For anyone thinking of making a jump from a full-time job into real estate, listen to Kyle talk about how he made a dream become reality.  Today Kyle manages a team of real estate specialists that are finding off market real estate deals in Philadelphia and assigning them to developers.  This episode is for those who are interested in real estate and considering a change in your career path.

In this episode, Brian and Tony sit down to talk with Jeffrey Greco about how he got his start in business and real estate. Jeff’s tells his unique story of graduating college, traveling across the nation, building businesses, selling a business, traveling back across the nation to co-found Legacy Capital.   This adventurous episode is filled with lessons learned while building a business in real estate, and being able to identify your “Value Add” to your customers on a daily basis.  Sit down, gear up for the first ever guest on The New How Podcast!

In this episode, Tony and Brian discuss various ways in which they have used social media to grow their business.  They have taken hours of learning and experimenting with Social Media and broken it down into an hour episode.  If you haven’t dived into social media with your business, you should listen to this episode to understand the possibilities on how it can drive revenue and help you acquire new clients.  This episode is for those who are interested in expanding their business footprint and gaining a larger following through digital means.

In this episode, Brian and Tony explore how to market and brand your business to stay relevant.  There are so many factors to consider from naming to keeping up with tech trends and staying connected with your end users. From Amazon to Best Buy, to the death of retail, this episode hits a little bit of everything in the current state of businesses.

In this episode, Brian Corcodilos and Tony Hopkins of Designblendz discuss the foundation to their business Designblendz and how it got to where it is today.  They also give real world struggles and do’s and don’ts of growing a business in the real estate industry.  Listen in to the RAW uncut footage of their first podcast together.

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