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From Rehabs to Rittenhouse with David Landskroner from Hightop Development

In this episode with sit down with David Landskroner from Hightop Development. David is a rockstar developer in Philadelphia. He focuses on for sale and rental properties around the city. Some locations include Northern Liberties, Rittenhouse, and Washington Ave. Hightop Development has a construction arm in-house which makes them very nimble when being able to develop their own projects. He keeps an even balance of for sale and for rent throughout the year. Typically he handles 5-7 projects at a time which includes 10-30 houses and 50-70 rental units a year. He takes us through what it is like developing in Rittenhouse Square, and how he got started flipping homes. David is a brilliant developer and he shares a ton of value for new and seasoned real estate investors. Sit back, relax, here we go!

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