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Being a Genuine Entrepreneur with Greg Schwartz from Commonwealth Title

On this episode of the New How Podcast, we sit down with Greg Schwartz from Commonwealth Residential Title. Commonwealth has been the region’s premier residential and commercial title company since 1971.  A family-owned business Greg came in to bring a level of business development expertise which he learned from the telecom industry. Working with fortune 5 companies, Greg transitioned from telecom into title insurance. He mentions that being genuine is the best thing you can do in business!  He talks about having the “Hunter Mentality” to grow any organization and to keep looking for opportunity around you. “Anyone with a pulse is a potential prospect.” Greg discusses teaming up with Mark Franzoni, President of Commonwealth to build a powerhouse team to help change the title industry for the better.  Utilizing the latest marketing tech through social media, Greg continues to add value to all of his clients through networking and continued outstanding service!

You can visit their website at or email Greg at

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