Brian Corcodilos

Brian Corcodilos

Brian Corcodilos is a natural-born leader and entrepreneur.  During his third year of architecture school, he started a blog called Designblendz that focused on collaborating different principles of design. What started out as a fun escape from school work with his friends, soon began picking up traction from local firms.  In no time, the team began receiving architectural and visualization jobs including renderings and hand-built models. After graduation in 2013, everyone set off into the real world and took on their “dream” jobs in different corporate firms. Designblendz remained a side hustle, but Brian had a vision. In 2014 he quit his steady full-time job, and jumped head first into building his startup from his row home bedroom.

Fast forward to 2019 and Brian oversees 28 employees at Designblendz, the 9th Fastest Growing Company in the Region recognized by the Philadelphia Inquirer’s 2018 Philly 100.  Brian and the Designblendz team are disrupting the real estate industry by utilizing the most advanced 3D visualization technology to help clients design, market, pre-sell and lease real estate virtually around the nation.  They are a one-stop shop for any design-build project and also offer all architectural services, 3D visualizations, web marketing, and general construction services. Brian also has a passion for teaching and loves to help drive others to success. Whether he is speaking in front of thousands of people, mentoring 1-on-1, or business coaching a small group, he captivates his audience with his energetic truth-telling stories. He runs a weekly podcast on Apple Itunes called the New How Podcast, interviewing key members in the real estate industry around building businesses through the use of new technology. Brian never stops learning, tinkering, and innovating and is addicted to creating a business that improves the built environment as a whole.

Tony Hopkins

Tony Hopkins focuses day to day on delivering immersive virtual experiences to businesses of all industries. Tony focuses on growing businesses using tried and true management principles fused with innovative technology and strategy. At his core – Tony’s passion lies in fostering creativity within his team and teaching others. Outside of the studio, he spends his time playing guitar and enjoying coffee at local shops and diners. A protagonist of the new how who believes that the best is yet to come and it is all up to us to make it happen.

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